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    The technology landscape in the public safety sector is growing.

    With Helix, adapting has never been easier.

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Go beyond training, incident reporting, and resource management.

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Every day, first responders put their own lives on the line to ensure our safety. The least we can do is make sure they have the tools to protect and serve their communities.

Joe Lieberman

Helix Integration

Helix will be a powerful, secure, intuitive one-stop shop for our entire platform. Simply login to Helix once and
all of our integrated applications will be at your finger tips.

Why to choose us

Plans for Helix include several custom tools such as a UAV mission tracking and reporting system, or a task & job assignment system.

assignment system. As an administrator of an organization, you'll be able to create tasks such as "take inventory" or "perform safety checks on all vehicles", assign them to your users, then monitor progress and be notified upon completion.

Our Near Miss platform and analytics reports will be available on 2 levels. While our nationalnearmiss.org will still remain as it is, your organization will be able to subscribe to its own internal near miss system.

An internal Near Miss system provides private organizational only incident reporting and analytics for your staff to use. After your staff reviews and redacts any identifying information, the internal reports can be submitted to our nationalnearmiss.org reviewers as an anonymous near miss bringing value and training material to departments world wide.

From the helix control panel you will be able to view and track your progress through courses you take on the IAFCAcademy.

Your organization can subscribe to its own course work and class offerings for detailed reporting, attendance, and progression tracking of it's members.

Our national mutual aid system is being rebuilt from the ground up to be lean, mean, modern, and geospatialy aware.

With vetted authorization your organization will be able to list, track, offer, notify, and request resources in the event of a mutual aid emergency with powerful and intuitive ease.

In Helix you will be able to manage users, groups, and access to these features as well as view activations statuses and track documentation on the activation. No more paper trail.

Our single sign on and eventual integration will extend to many other sites including

"FSTAR", "Ready Set Go!", "Safe Quick Clearance" and more!

To Organizations, Helix will give a birds eye view of their interactions in the public safety sector. To the user, Helix will provide an overview of their public safety career in one secure location.

Eventually, dashboards and reports will be available to help users and organizations recognize patterns or issues that they may want to address or focus on.